Saturday, June 30, 2007

Old Pics.

I got a lot of scanning done today and just had to use some of the photos. I also used a paper template to make the paper. Very fun. I cut out the part of my Mom's handwriting with the pictures where it existed. I want to do quite a bit of journaling on this page but I need to write it first and run it by my Mom to get the facts straight.


Ritha said...

I so love this page! It does need journaling - We have to know who these people are. I've decided that you resemble your mother. When I look at her holding you - She looks like you!

Your parents are going to love this page. Way to go!

I'll confess . . . . I haven't worked on any pages:(

CPAGirl said...

Great page!! I especially like the perfectly-placed LEAF! It's SO YOU!!!! ;)